Historical Speicherstadt (warehouse district)

The Speicherstadt is located in the north east section of Hamburg port, between Deichtorhallen and Baumwall in the Freihafen. It can be viewed from both land and water. The buildings have been listed since 1991 and provide a unique architectural picture; the Speicherstadt, standing on its oak supports, is the biggest connected warehouse complex in the world.

In the red brick Gothic buildings with their stepped gables, castellations and pointed arches, valuable goods such as coffee, cocoa, spices, tobacco, rum and computers are still stored. Here you’ll also find the biggest Oriental carpet store in the world. Visitors can also discover the Speicherstadt from the water, with a barge trip through the long waterways. Within the warehouses there’s plenty to experience: various leisure activities and museums are open to visitors.

It’s not just children who’ll be awestruck by the Miniature Wonderland. The biggest model railway in the world shows a large part of the world in miniature format over a 1150 square metre area. The designers have devoted a section to Hamburg, so that a visit to the Miniature Wonderland has the same character as a tour of the Hanseatic city itself.

The Dungeon offers visitors a tour of a different kind; here you’re invited on a journey through the dark history of Hamburg. This historical experience is extremely close up; visitors will feel they are really experiencing the spreading of the plague across Hamburg, the waves of the storm flood of 1717, and the flames of the huge fire of 1842.

You’ll also find museums in the Speicherstadt. There’s the German Customs Museum, which embraces the history of customs and smuggling; the International Maritime Museum, with thousands of model ships and nautical charts; the Spice Museum, where you can follow the whole spice production process from cultivation to final product; and the Speicherstadt Museum, devoted to the history of the Speicherstadt and trading.

The Speicherstadt isn’t just worth a visit in daylight. After sunset, this historic area glows in a resplendent light and, with the reflection of the lights in the waterways, creates a wonderful atmosphere.

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